See what others are saying about the Leo Results Fitness Experience.

I’ve been training with Leo for over three and a half years. Twice a week Leo and I train, and on the weekend, I’ll run, bike or swim. The combination of the three days are a vital part of my life.

As a retired model, I understand how to maintain my shape … I’m now over 50 and have close to the strength and endurance of back when I was with Wilhelmina models.

Leo’s enthusiasm and positive energy are contagious!
— Benitez
I’ve been working out with Leo for almost three years now and have come such a long way since we started. My overall fitness, strength, flexibility and endurance have all improved so much since then!

When I work out with him he is always coming up with new ideas and innovative uses of different things around the gym. He knows how to keep it interesting and we almost never do the same things twice. He somehow manages to make the gym fun even at 6 AM!

He also stays on top of you by always checking in to see how you feel after your workouts and always helpful in encouraging healthy choices and eating habits as much as possible.

He’s the best in the biz and I would highly recommend him to anyone!!
— Julie H.
There is no greater challenge for a trainer than weight (fat) loss for a client over 50. Its not easy and not fast. In 8 months with Leo, I’ve lost 30 lbs. Put on my skinny jeans this morning.
— Lane T.
Love working out with Leo! I have definitely seen an improvement in my fitness level. He is truly an inspiration.
— Roni H.
A family member recommended that I start training with Leo soon after I moved to NYC from North Carolina. I played four years of Division I soccer and was looking to stay in shape. Leo has been great! I wish I found him while I was still playing.

I have been working with Leo for about a year in order to gain muscle and weight. I have gained that healthy weight and feel incredible. He mixes up exercises so our workouts stay unique and interesting. He has given me eating advice and has even given me exercises to do on my days at the gym when I am not working with him.

When I hurt myself outside of the gym, Leo adjusted our workouts so I didn’t re-aggravate the injury.
— Jordan N.